1 Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) rulemaking: Wildlife Series (1200)

The rules were adopted on November 23.   For a summary of the new wildlife rules that substantially improve protections, see link to this portal under News.  CWF participated actively to gain good wildlife protections.

2. US Forest Service Plan for Rio Grande National Forest– The final plan  does not designate special interest areas of Spruce Hole and Chalma Basin that CWF, NWF and many of you have urged during this planning process.

Spruce Hole is relied upon by  mule deer and elk to travel between Colorado and New Mexico for seasonal migration. The Chalma Basin provides summer range for mule deer. As the forest plan will remain in effect for 20 years, it is very important that we all remain vigilant to identify any projects that likely would harm these important wildlife areas.  We must ensure they do not become fragmented by roads and various future projects.  For updates go to the connectedcorridors.com website which CWF helped NWF to establish. We will need to monitor these important areas to comment on any proposed projects.

3. Recovering America’s Wildlife Act has been reintroduced on April 22, 2021.  Please urge your representative to sign onto this important bill (H.R. 2773).

It is a bold effort to reverse America’s wildlife crisis. Recovering America’s Wildlife Act will address this with a once in a generation investment to fund wildlife recovery efforts in each state including Colorado. The Colorado Wildlife Action Plan lists 55 “tier 1” species of greatest conservation need and an overall 159 such species. Last year the bill gained 185 co-sponsors in the House including including Colorado Representatives Ed Perlmutter and Joe Neguse and Diana DeGette.

We hope that shovel-ready jobs such as habitat restoration, invasive species removal and other conservation and recreations efforts to help jump start the economy will be important.


4. South Park lands managed by BLM – the draft plan was issued in June 2019 and finalizing the plan is on Pause pursuant to the President’s Executive Order.

We are hopeful that iconic South Park area of the plan it will reflect most of the recommendations that CWF, Park County and other stakeholders have urged since the BLM planning process began in 2015.  Pursuant to the Pause, CWF has developed alist of proposed improvements to the draft.

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