June 17, 2020

Senate passes bipartisan Great American Outdoors Act 73-25

On June 17, the Senate passed on a bi-partisan 73-25 vote the Great American Outdoors Act.  What a win for Americans and public lands, wildlife, waters, community parks and trails.  It will create jobs in these difficult times and boost the outdoor recreation economy.  The public demand for outdoor spaces and recreation is evident from the robust use of Colorado’s parks and trails this year. Many of our organizations have been working for a long time to gain permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Over the  years, LWCF has contributed more than $268 million to Colorado for trails, and state, local and national parks. The bill also includes funding for a hefty backlog of maintenance in the national parks, forests and wildlife refuges.  Senator Gardner sponsored this legislation and has worked tirelessly on it for a long time. Senator Bennet is among the co-sponsors.  We thank them both.  Next step is for the bill to pass the House.  Stay tuned as this very important legislation forges ahead.

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