Help CWF Keep Public Lands Public

Colorado Wildlife Federation is writing to let you know we have been working hard and effectively to "keep public lands public." CWF has been fighting to protect our public lands, its fish and wildlife, and public access for several years.

Some senators and representatives in some states and at the federal level continue to work steadily to push for transfer of public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service to the states. In 2015  we all worked successfully to help defeat the 2 bills in the Colorado general assembly.  In the Colroado general assembly session that ended May 11, 2016 we worked to defeat another bad bill.  On a very bright note, Colorado Public Lands Day was signed into law on May 17, 2016 by Governor Hickenlooper.  Beginning in 2017, it will be celebrated on the third Saturday in May.  

Colorado, as well as other western states, does not have the financial resources or personnel to manage a huge additional portfolio of lands - and retain public access and robust wildlife populations. What likely would happen if lands were transferred?

  • Some important lands enjoyed for generations by sportsmen, wildlife viewers, and other outdoor enthusiasts would be sold to private interests
  • High fees would be charged to access whatever lands remain open.

The proposals for states to take control of public lands are misguided, prohibitively expensive, and unconstitutional.

Safeguarding wildlife on our federally managed public lands in Colorado 

We are actively working to safeguard wildlife habitat and populations on the public lands managed by BLM and US Forest Service. We are asking you to donate to this campaign to protect the migratory corridors and unfragmented habitat areas that our deer, elk, pronghorn and many other species need to survive. Why? Because protecting our wildlife on our public lands is a long-term challenge and the opposition has deep pockets. We do what we do through small donations from thousands of individuals who care about retaining our wildlife heritage for their children and grandchildren. If you are planning to make a donation to CWF this year, please do it now. 

Will you help us keep our iconic wildlife habitats on public lands in Colorado intact and our wildlife thriving for your generation and future generations?

Thank you!!

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