Recovering America's Wildlife Act now has 110 co-sponsors in House

November 8, 2018


The Recovering Amercia's Wildlife Act bill will help fund on-the-ground conservation of Colorado's species of greatest conservation need. See Colorado State Wildlife Action Plan for the list of tier 1 species.   The House version of the bill now has 110 bi-partisan co-sponsors as of the recess in October.  Co-sponsors include Colorado Representative Tipton and Governor-elect Polis. We urge all Colorado representatives to become co-sponsors of this very important bill.

On July 17, the Senate version of the bill was introduced (S.3223). Senator Risch and Senator Manchin introduced the bill, with Senator Alexander and Senator Heitkamp joining as original co-sponsors. But the bill would benefit from dedicated funding, similar to the House bill.  We urge amendment of the Senate bill to provide for dedicated funding.


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