Charlie Loan

Published on April 27, 2020.

Growing up in the mountains of Virginia in a family of hunters and fishermen, Charlie is a lifelong outdoorsman.  When he first moved to Colorado in the early 90’s and became exposed to elk, mule deer, pronghorn and fly fishing, he was forever hooked and thought it couldn’t get any better! Having been lucky enough to take a mountain goat in 2008 here in Colorado, Charlie got the mountain hunting bug and had an idea as to why people are so passionate about mountain hunting.  After this hunt, he became a life member of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society and then proceeded to serve on their Board.  In 2012, he was very lucky again and drew CWF’s Governor’s elk tag.  Again, in 2017 he was lucky enough to draw the one license for bighorn sheep in beautiful Hell’s Canyon, Idaho.  All 3 of these hunts were and may truly be a once in a lifetime experience – and after the great blessing of each of these, Charlie vowed to do all that he could to protect and keep nature’s greatest resource, wildlife, on the mountains and plains and in the forests as well as to protect and serve nature and all other wildlife. He served on the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society board a couple of times from 2012-2020 for a total of 7 years.  He is an avid hiker and mountain biker as well as a ski and snowshoe enthusiast. This past December (2019)  he mentored a young woman hunter on her first successful big game hunt in Colorado (pronghorn) and he said the reward of the smile on her face will have him offering to do this from now on. Charlie takes every opportunity he gets to talk to anyone about respecting nature and conservation. Charlie also is a studious reader and consumer of conservation and hunting information and wildlife practices and technology. He has lived in the Denver area for 18 years and works as an IT Consultant.